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When you put together all of this evidence—the yearbook, the scrapbook, and the original statements from Moore and his attorney—the forgery theory starts to get awfully complicated. Why would a forger write the yearbook inscription and the notes below it—or why would a conspirator arrange for them to be written—in two different styles? Why would Moore speak of “tampering” discount real uggsrather than pure fabrication? Is the graduation card a forgery, too? If so, how did the same forger get access to a yearbook in Alabama and to a scrapbook in Florida? Or did two separate forgers somehow produce the same handwriting? Alternatively, if the graduation card is real, how do you explain Gibson’s note, in the same scrapbook, about a date with Moore? Doesn’t that mean that when Moore claims never to have dated her, he’s lying? What we’re looking at isn’t a grand conspiracy of forgeries against an innocent man. It’s a note, written by one woman, marking the date and place of an inscription that looks just like Moore’s writing to another woman a few years later. In each case, Moore now denies he met or knew the woman. So either he’s lying, or both of the samples are forgeries, which would require the world’s most amazing combination of conspiratorial genius (getting access to old books in two different states) discount uggsand conspiratorial incompetence (forging an inscription with redundant words in two different styles). And Moore and his attorney would have to be in on the conspiracy, faking private suspicions—through the words tampering and everything—that the inscription was authentic.